Jewellery Repairs

Joseph George offers restoration services for all of our custom-made creations. We also provide standard repairs for any other jewellery items that you may have, to keep them looking amazing and in pristine condition. An excellent level of customer support is truly important to us. Our company goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience with Joseph George, and this extends well beyond your initial purchase. Some of the basic repair services offered by us include:

  • Clasp replacement
  • Ring resizing
  • Stone replacement
  • Stone remounting
  • Claw repair or re-tipping
  • Soldering services
  • Bead/pearl restringing

Our exceptional level of care

Each job that we undertake is handled with great care to ensure that you are left thrilled by the final result. Upon the completion of our repairs, your jewellery will be as close to purchase condition as possible. We trust that you will feel confident enough to wear your piece every day as a result. Joseph George has over 40 years of experience designing custom-made jewellery, so it’s only natural that his skills include returning beautiful creations to their original state. We believe that every piece should last a lifetime, so our repair and restoration services are very comprehensive. Your gold, platinum and sapphire collections will look as spectacular as ever, so don’t worry about a single thing.

Expert ring-sizing in Melbourne

You can’t go wrong by contacting our professional team. We design and fit rings for all occasions and know just how to achieve the best results. From diamond dress rings, wedding bands, and everything in between, we will leave you with a piece of jewellery that is a joy to wear. So, take the stress out of looking for your next statement by contacting Joseph George. We will precisely measure your specifications and take into account finger length, knuckle size and factors such as humidity and lifestyle. If at any time you need assistance with your fit, contact us and we will guide you in the right direction.

Joseph George Jewellery go above and beyond to ensure the best results. Our committed and friendly team craft beautiful pieces on a daily basis and can work to satisfy your individual needs. It’s all about exceptional customer care and achieving amazing results. This promise extends to our Melbourne repair services too, so you can feel confident when it comes to your purchase.


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