Frenquetly Asked Questions

What designs can I choose from?

Everything is custom-made – you can either pick a design from our website or ask us to create something unique. If you’ve seen something you like elsewhere, we can adapt that to suit your wishes – just talk to us about what you want, or send us a picture of what you have in mind.

What’s the difference between white gold and platinum?

The two look almost identical, but actually have very different properties. White gold is actually naturally grey in colour and is therefore typically rhodium-plated, which needs to be redone every 12-18 months depending on wear and tear. It’s naturally scratch-resistant, but a lot of activities, particularly where metal comes into contact with your ring (e.g. from another ring on the same finger) will cause it to have little scratches, although it takes decades to notice any significant wear. Platinum won’t wear away over time, but tends to scratch more easily than white gold. It doesn’t require rhodium-plating, although yearly polishing is a good idea. It’s 30% denser than white gold, so is much heavier, and is ideal if you are having fine settings. However, it’s about twice the price of white gold.

What if we don’t want a diamond?

There are plenty of other options to choose from, including sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, pearl and other precious stones. Just take a look at our rings.

We already have the diamond we want – can you still make the ring?

Yes indeed, although there will be a surcharge for setting your own stone. We can also use other precious gems you may have. Please contact us for details

Should I propose with a ring?

The eternal dilemma! You basically have three choices: Propose with the actual engagement ring – if you have a good idea of what your intended would want in a ring, this is definitely the way to go, as there’s nothing more romantic. If she admires someone else’s ring, or has pointed out designs she likes in a magazine or shop window then you’re halfway there. Look also at what jewellery she already wears to help ascertain her taste. Propose with a loose diamond – still romantic, but if you’re not quite sure what design she would like, you could propose with a loose diamond (we’ll provide a beautiful box for it). You can then come in and choose the design together. Propose without either, but then choose the diamond and ring together – many couples prefer this as it can be exciting to share the experience of choosing the diamond and designing the ring together.

What if I don’t know her finger size?

If she wears a ring on her right hand ring finger, we can work out the size if you can bring the ring in to us. Alternatively, you can try her ring on your own finger and see where it fits. Or you can get a friend to ask discreetly if she has ever had her finger measured. These methods aren’t exact, but give us a good idea – and we include one free resize with every engagement ring if there’s a problem with the fit, subject to our terms and conditions

What does an engagement ring cost?

Traditionally, an appropriate budget for an engagement ring was deemed to be about two months’ wages. However, these days, salaries have increased, so it’s going to work out much less than that. The best approach is to budget what you feel comfortable with and we will ensure that whatever your budget, your fiancée will receive the ring of her dreams.

Are the images on your website of real physical products?

They are rendered images of the 3D designs. All products are CAD (Computer Aided Designs).

Are your products hand-made?

All designs are computer-aided, 3D printed, cast, hand assembled, hand set and finished. By using this latest technology we are able to keep production costs as low as possible. Another advantage of CAD is that it’s possible to visualise and make changes to the design at an early stage. The result is a better proportioned item with details and lines that are extremely hard to make by hand.

How long does it take to have the ring custom-made?

Generally, three to five weeks once we’ve received payment. However, if you have ta tight deadline, please let us know – we’ll do our best to meet it.

Can I alter the design once you’ve started making the ring?

It can be hard to visualise how a finished ring may look and during the design process you may want to make some minor alterations. As long as you tell us before the stones are set, it won’t incur an additional charge. Minor changes could include changing the finger size or the width of the band. Please note that if changes are major, or requested once stones have been set, there will be an additional charge.

Is there a guarantee?

All our jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee regarding both the materials and the craftsmanship. For details, please see our terms and conditions.

How do I choose a diamond?

We welcome visitors to come to our premises and view our range, or we can email you pictures of diamonds of different sizes, grades and clarity. With diamonds, there’s a term called “The four Cs”, which refers to cut, colour, clarity and carat. We can talk you through the different characteristics of your possible choices before you make a decision.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Online payment can be via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, direct bank deposit or bank transfer.

Are your diamonds independently certified?

All Joseph George Jewellery diamonds larger than 0.50 carat come with an independent certificate from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Do you use conflict/blood diamonds?

The terms “conflict diamonds” and “blood diamonds”, refers to diamonds mined in a war zone, whose sale proceeds are used to fund weapons or aid civil unrest. Thanks to measures to counter trade in them, these diamonds are estimated to account for less than 1% of world diamond production. Joseph George Jewellery only purchases from and works with reputable suppliers who can guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free and adhere to all of the conditions set in place by the Kimberly Process, a United Nations Declaration signed by 49 diamond producing countries to stop the mining and sale of conflict diamonds.

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