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Although diamonds are the most popular stone, coloured gemstones offer more options in terms of expression and creativity. They have long been a favourite of many in expressing their personalities. 

Coloured gemstones

Precious Coloured Gemstones

Of all the coloured gemstones, only three are considered precious- sapphire, ruby, and emerald. These stones in their purest forms are extremely rare and boast of extraordinary colours. Larger precious gemstones with good colours are harder to come by and as a result, stones with inclusions and blemishes are often used in jewellery.

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Semi-Precious Gemstones

Any gemstone other than a ruby, emerald, or sapphire is considered semi-precious. Generally speaking, semi-precious stones are more abundant than precious stones. As such, it is easier to find larger stones with excellent colouring for use in jewellery. The value of semi-precious stones varies from stone to stone, depending on the availability of the mineral. Due to the wide range of colours available, semi-precious gemstones are the perfect choice for people wanting to create their own look regarding their jewellery.

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