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Custom Ring Ideas for LGBTQ Couples

Ring Ideas for LGBTQ Couples

Since the legalisation of same-sex marriages in Australia in 2017, thousands of couples have been able to tie the knot finally. The introduction of marriage equality was a long-awaited move for LGBTQ couples who couldn’t wait to prove their love to each other.

As a symbol of continuity and eternity, finding the perfect ring in a same-sex marriage is arguably even more critical; it’s a consistent reminder of your bond with your other half.

In honour of this, we’ve gathered some custom ring ideas for LGBTQ couples so you can showcase your relationship’s individuality.

Embed your identity into the design.

Many of our customers want to build custom-made rings to represent their identity through the jewellery. Consider the type and shape of gemstones carefully, as this tends to be the focal point of an engagement ring. A fun, unique idea would be to create a combination of coloured gemstones along the band or as a cluster in the centre. Experiment by matching the colours with your partner’s ring but setting them apart with different settings.

In the same way, if classical is more your style, go for diamond rings on a simple band. The beauty of customisation is that you get to make all the choices with the guidance of an expert jeweller.

A simple, discreet way to make your ring truly yours is with an engraving. Many couples choose a phrase, symbol or special date, but you can have anything that means something to you (as long as it fits in the band!)

Straying away from stereotypical “men’s” and “women’s” rings

Couples are increasingly breaking out from traditionally gender-assigned rings, and if you’re designing your own, there’s no need to choose between the distinct shelves of rings for men and women. Disregard the rules and choose a style that represents you and your relationship. This is your opportunity to take the time, enjoy the process and build a ring you’re 100% happy with.

Don’t wear a ring at all!

This point may seem confusing at first, but hear us out. What if you didn’t exchange rings but instead exchanged another piece of jewellery that means just as much? A custom-made pendant can make a beautiful statement and is highly flexible regarding styles, precious stones and metals.

This piece can still represent your relationship but is a great alternative for anyone who isn’t used to wearing a ring. This is your wedding that you’ll want to remember forever, so don’t choose something you’re not comfortable with just because it’s the “thing to do.”

Get inspired by our modern wedding rings.

The expert jewellers at Joseph George are no strangers when creating pieces ahead-of-the-curve. Take a look at our current collection of modern rings for some inspiration – and remember we can custom-make an eye-catching design to suit you, no matter how intricate you think it may be!

Get in touch to start the journey to saying YES. We’d be thrilled to help you get on track to building the perfect rings for you and your partner. Contact us on 03 9654 4899 or, alternatively, visit our boutique at Shop 8a, 271 Collins St, Melbourne CBD.

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