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Stunning Flower-Inspired Engagement Rings for A Sweet Spring Romance

From the bright natural light for flawless engagement photos, pastel-coloured flowers for a charming ambience, and flower-inspired engagement rings. Spring is the start of new beginnings. Warmer weather-bloomed flowers and awakened animals from hibernation signify that the earth re-lives, creating a romantic atmosphere.

It is the perfect season to embark on a new journey with your significant other. There is no other season to celebrate love like spring.

Since spring is just around the corner, it is time to prepare to pop the question. When choosing the right ring for your loved one, it is essential to consider her preferences, lifestyle, and fashion sense. We understand that ring shopping is a personal experience. Some are interested in delicate infinity diamond engagement rings, while others prefer minimalist solitaire.

We have rounded up 5 custom-made women’s flower-inspired engagement rings for a memorable spring engagement experience.

Phoibe Ring

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Resembles the spring-blooming daffodils, Phoibe women’s flower-inspired engagement ring has a one-of-a-kind cluster ring design that features a round-cut diamond or your choice of precious stones as the round centre stone, surrounded by pointed-shaped petals halo of smaller diamonds. The band graduates to a point as it meets the setting, and diamonds lining the band add a little extra sparkle. Available in various metals, you can customise the band in yellow gold, rose gold, 18k white gold, or platinum to suit her preference.

As daffodils are the first to bloom and indicate the beginning of springtime, the flowers symbolise hope. This ring is perfect for optimistic, independent, determined, and high-achiever women.

Looking for a matching ring to complement the style? Custom-made wedding and eternity rings are also available to fit perfectly around your chosen engagement ring.

Kallisto Ring

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Inspired by orchids, the Kallisto ring offers sophisticated diamonds: A central large round diamond surrounded by 2 marquise-shaped and smaller round cut diamonds. What makes this women’s engagement ring unique is its twist band, which can be made bespoke in your choice of 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Associated with fertility in ancient Greece, orchids symbolize femininity, elegance, and luxury. Thus, this ring is perfect for mothers or those with nurturing solid qualities.

Anthos ring

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Anthos ring is a perfect engagement ring for rose lovers. The centre stone resembles the petals, while the three interloped accents are like roses’ sepals on both sides. The raised setting makes this ring stand out without costing a fortune. You can add a special touch by customising it in 18k white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. A platinum band is also available.

If your partner is passionate, romantic, graceful, and sensitive, she might be looking for this ring.

Anthea Ring

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Inspired by sunflowers, this ring will bring happiness and joy to your love journey. It suits a happy-go-lucky, cheerful, witty, and bright bride-to-be.

This brilliant diamond engagement ring has an exquisite cluster design of one large round diamond as the centre stone, encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. Looking for more unique designs? This ring can be made bespoke in precious platinum, classic 18k white gold or 18k yellow gold band, or a beautiful 18k rose gold ring.

Anthousa Ring

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Last but not least, we have the Anthousa ring. This ring will remind you of Katy Perry’s extraordinary engagement ring, which her fiancée, Orlando Bloom, gave in 2019. The ring became a sensation because of the unique designs of the daisy-shaped setting and a gorgeous deep pink centre stone.
Similarly, the Anthousa ring offers a cluster ring with a large round centre diamond and a halo of smaller diamonds that resembles 10 petals.

White gold beads and detailing add more sparkle that will enchant your dearest. This beautiful diamond engagement ring can be made with 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold or platinum. Obsessed with Katy Perry’s engagement ring? We can custom-make this spectacular design with your choice of a precious centre stone.

Like Katy Perry, this ring is perfect for creative, fun, artistic, and vibrant women. Most importantly, this stunning women’s engagement ring is a must for a Katy Perry fan!

Cannot find what you are looking for? Contact us for more unique designs that will resonate with you. Comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship, we offer make-to-order women’s and men’s engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, and many more. You can select your preferred diamond or precious stones with various colours to include in your custom design at our showroom. Learn from our expert advice on GIA-certified diamonds, coloured stones, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, and tanzanite.

Your custom ring can be ready in just five weeks. Contact us for more information and prices.

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