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5 Steps to Making the Perfect Custom Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wedding and Eternity Rings

Not only is it fashionable to design a wedding and engagement ring yourself, but it is also a decision filled with sentiment. It means a lot to a couple to customise their wedding rings to create something that resonates with their personalities and unique relationships.

Building your ring might seem like a mammoth task. Still, it could be a seamless and enjoyable experience—particularly with the help of Melbourne jewellery designers like Joseph George. Here are our five steps to creating the perfect wedding ring without going over budget or letting stress take over!

  1. Set aside enough time.

We know how chaotic the run-up to a wedding is, but do not leave your ring shopping until the last minute if you want to customise! The process is extensive, from creating a concept from scratch to delivering the finished piece that you fall in love with, and you should allow for extra time for any unexpected changes along the way.

Allow 4-5 weeks for the complete ring(s) to be available.

2. Decide on a budget

Establish a reasonable price range before you get started – and try to stick to it! When you buy a pre-made ring, the price tag is right in front of you, but it’s not as straightforward with customised pieces.

Materials, design, intricacy, and adjustments will all affect the overall cost, and your jeweller can advise on ways to impact your budget without compromising quality.

3. Look for inspiration

Most of our customers come to us with an idea inspired by a ring they’ve already seen, whether in a shop window, on a celebrity, or one of their family members. Some ideas about what you like make the process easier than a blank slate, so browse jewellery stores to figure out what you like.

The beauty of customisation is combining elements of more than one ring. So, if you adore the idea of a three-stone engagement ring but want to update it with a different gemstone, you can do that. Your jeweller will be able to offer their expertise to find creative ways to blend elements to build that beautiful final design seamlessly.

4. Choose the style

From the classical to the modern and some unique twists, choose a style that draws you in and will bring you joy for a lifetime. The first hurdle is considering how you want to arrange the stones if you have any. The most common styles are:

  • Solitaire
  • Side stones to complement the centre stone
  • A halo of stones surrounding the centre stone
  • Three stones

You’ll also need to think about the different available settings. Ask your jeweller to show you some examples to give you a clearer understanding of aesthetics and the pros and cons of popular options, such as:

  • Prong
  • Bezel
  • Tension
  • Channel
  • Pave
  • Bar

5. Choose a material

Your chosen material or metal should be based on your preference and budget. Whether you want a platinum ring, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold can also influence the type of stone you choose, as you need a band that will complement the gemstone well.

Book an appointment at our Melbourne boutique to speak with a jeweller about customising your wedding and engagement ring with our experts in comfortable and professional surroundings.

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