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Platinum engagement rings in every style

Synonymous with luxury and sheer opulence, platinum engagement rings are perfect for those searching for a statement piece crafted with a metal that complements any precious stone. The ultimate backdrop for your engagement ring, this rare metal’s fresh white sheen doesn’t reflect its own colour into your stone, enabling your chosen centre stone or stones to steal the show with their brilliance.

Engagement rings are a forever piece – meaning you’ll want to consider your options carefully before committing to one. If you’re looking for a ring that’s durable, luxurious, timeless and truly exquisite, then platinum may be the right choice for you.

Choose from our collection of classic styles or custom-made pieces. View engagement rings with halos, radiant solitaire diamonds or precious stones, a variety of different cuts and shapes of stones, different band styles and stone settings. There’s no shortage of options at Joseph George Jewellery, and you’re only limited by your imagination.

Why choose platinum for your engagement ring?

It’s a rare precious metal

Platinum is highly prized for a reason. It’s one of the world’s rarest metals, mined only in limited locations around the world and in much smaller quantities than other precious metals such as gold. In fact, it’s 30 times rarer than gold.

A rare metal with an extremely high purity rate, it tends to be 95% pure (versus 75% pure for 18K gold). This gives platinum a magnificent and almost-white shine that won’t fade or tarnish over time like yellow or white gold. This leaves you with a stand-out piece that keeps its colour and actually develops over the years.

Due to its rarity, ability to withstand corrosion and keep its original state and white colour, platinum pieces also make the perfect family heirloom to pass down through generations when the time comes.

Platinum is a top-tier durable metal

Platinum jewellery is the top-tier of precious metals – with its name used to describe some of the other finer things in life – like platinum tier credit cards, platinum record sales or platinum memberships.

Not only does platinum accentuate the sparkle of the diamonds or other stones you choose for your engagement ring, it’s also ideal for brides and grooms with sensitive skin due to its nickel-free properties.

Highly resistant to knocks, scratches and changes in temperature, platinum is a durable metal ideal for the everyday wear and tear which an engagement ring needs to withstand over time. This also makes it a fantastic metal to set and protect your diamonds or precious stones in.

Platinum doesn’t wear away or chip off like gold or silver, it simply becomes displaced, shifting to another place on the ring, therefore still holding your stones safely in place.

Platinum is timeless

If you’ve ever heard of platinum patina, you’ll know it’s a feature that platinum wearers enjoy when wearing their engagement rings. Patina refers to the unique satiny finish which can develop on platinum jewellery over time – it’s actually a desired look by many platinum fans.

When faced with a scratch or dent, instead of chipping off like white or yellow gold does, your platinum engagement ring stays in one piece and doesn’t lose slithers of metal. This means it never needs re-plating – just repolishing every now and then.

Some clients like the look of patina which can give a vintage appeal, however there’s no guarantee it will develop on your engagement ring and it depends on the wear and tear that the engagement ring faces. Most platinum jewellery will develop patina as time passes. Prefer a shiny appearance? It can easily be buffed back into place to have its original shine restored.

It’s highly valuable and sought-after

The value of a platinum engagement ring is set high due to its rarity, density and purity. Due to its density, you’ll also find platinum is a little heavier to wear. Something many clients prefer is this weighted and luxurious feeling on the hand.

The metal is also a challenge to work with for the jeweller. As it’s so pure and dense, it’s considered finer than white or yellow gold and requires a highly skilled and experienced jeweller to work with it in order to produce a quality engagement ring.

With platinum being so rare, pure, and timeless – it really is the perfect way to symbolise your everlasting commitment.

Platinum engagement rings at a glance

  • The rarest of the precious metals
  • Brilliant and almost-white colour
  • No reflection of colour on your chosen stones
  • High-sheen
  • Durable and strong
  • Doesn’t chip
  • Allergy-free for sensitive skin
  • Non-tarnishing or fading
  • Low-maintenance.

The Joseph George difference

From traditional styles to contemporary pieces, Joseph George Jewellery has years of experience creating individually designed bespoke wedding and engagement rings. Designed with love and carefully crafted through an intensive design process, our custom-made engagement rings bring your personal and unique designs to life, leaving you with rings that you and your partner will cherish for years to come.

Start the journey towards your platinum engagement ring today

All of our custom platinum engagement rings are designed in our Melbourne store and offer incredible qualities ensuring they’ll stand the test of time.

Led by your own personal imagination, we’re committed to creating a piece of jewellery that you and your partner will love and cherish forever. If you want to make your dream engagement ring come to life, it’s time to start your journey with us – right here.

Select from our exclusive range in our showroom, or chat to us about designing your very own bespoke platinum engagement ring.

We’ll help you choose the perfect metal, precious stone and ring style for your engagement ring – ensuring the process is as beautiful as your relationship.

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