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The Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Men’s Engagement and Wedding Ring

Joseph George men's and engagement rings

Requests for designer men’s engagement and wedding rings are on the rise, a trend that’s surfaced due to more same-sex couples and increased marriage proposals from women. With UK celebrities such as Michael Buble and Ed Sheeran showing off their engagement rings, males no longer need to wait for the big day to wear beautiful jewellery.

Men are proud to be engaged, too, and a ring is a meaningful way to mark their upcoming commitment. Because buying a ring for a man can be just as confusing as buying one for a woman, we’ve compiled a guide with questions you should ask before buying a man’s wedding ring or engagement ring.

What width does he need?

Ring widths range from slim (4mm) to medium (6mm) to wide (8mm), with more varied points of measurement in between. If you’re unsure which size to choose, there is a generalised rule that the thicker or longer the fingers, the wider the ring should be. You might also want to remember that wider rings are usually more expensive.

What metal would he like?

Men rings

The metal you choose is one of the most significant defining points of the ring’s aesthetics. The good thing is that available materials are limited, and you’ll only need to decide between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, and platinum or the lower-value titanium or stainless steel. When you discover you can combine various materials for a two-tone ring, things get a bit more complex.

To help you decide, consider whether you want a precious metal or something cheaper. What type of job does he do? What other jewellery or watch does he currently wear?

Our advice leans towards choosing a precious ring. As time goes by, the physicality of your finger changes and your jewellery might require re-sizing, which is difficult (and often impossible!) with cheaper metal rings.

How can you get the size right?

The most stressful part of buying a ring for someone else is making sure you get the size right. The romance of a proposal gets a little undermined when a ring won’t fit on the finger! Our finger size guide has some tips you should keep in mind, but try bringing one of his existing rings with you if you’re keeping your ring purchase a secret. Remember to go up half a size if you opt for a wider band, which tends to deliver a snugger fit.

What finish and style would suit him?

Now, we’re getting into the aesthetics of the ring, which is where the groom-to-be’s unique personality comes into play.

Some of the classic men’s rings we have available at Joseph George include:

  • Comfort wedding ring
  • Flat bevelled
  • Flat wedding ring
  • High curve round edge
  • High dome
  • Softly curved
  • Curved knife edge
  • Barrel shape

Once you’ve finalised the style, you’ll need to move on to the finish or polish of the piece, with high-polished, matte and a combination of the two being the leading contenders here.

You can create custom men’s rings for weddings and engagements or choose a design already created. Give us a call on 03 9654 4899 to book an appointment.

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