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Colourful Engagement Rings: Which Gemstones are Most Popular in 2019?

When you want every detail of your engagement to be personalised, why choose a diamond like everyone else? Coloured gemstones are increasing in popularity and this year, we’re seeing some classic favourites and new iconic colours crashing onto the scene and stealing some of the spotlight, though diamonds still remain the most popular engagement stones.

Experiment with colours and designs or opt for a gemstone that means something to you. Either way, here are the gemstones that excited new couples are asking for in 2019.

Softer-hued stones are making a subtle statement

The rise in rose gold comes with an increase in requests for soft-toned gemstones. Pink sapphires and morganites (which are a soft pink or peach) complement rose gold rings and give them a feminine, romantic edge. If you’re seeking a flash of colour with all of the brilliance of diamonds, a pink diamond exhibits some of the highest valued stones around.

Take some inspiration from actress Teresa Palmer, who was way ahead of the times with her rose quartz crystal set in a rose gold band!

Sapphires are a royal diamond alternative

Traditionally, the sapphire has been passed through royal generations. Contrary to general understanding, sapphires aren’t just blue. They actually come in every hue, aside from red, and exhibit different colours depending on the angle, a feature known as pleochroism. If you want a hard, classic gem that steers away from the typical diamond, a sapphire could be your perfect choice.

Kate Middleton was given the sapphire engagement ring that previously belonged to Princess Diana, which consists of a 12-carat blue sapphire framed by 14 solitaire diamonds.

Wear the colour of love on your finger

Coloured diamonds

The colour red is most commonly associated with love, which is why rubies are growing in popularity when it comes to the ultimate declaration of romance: an engagement. This trend was led by celebrities such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman and Katy Perry, and this durable stone is resistant to damage, making it a perfect way to represent a lifelong love.

Katy Perry showed off her Valentine’s Day engagement to Orlando Bloom with a flower-shaped ring that features a ruby surrounded by diamonds.

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Amethysts make a striking statement

Amethysts are bold but pretty, and brides-to-be that want to showcase their unique style are increasingly choosing this gemstone. From light lavender to deep purple, there is a beautiful variety of quartz to choose from. With a hardness of 7 and a hue that works perfectly with yellow gold, white gold and most other metals, amethysts make the perfect ring for the modern bride.

If you’re not sure whether a traditional diamond or a unique coloured gemstone is the best engagement ring for you, a consultation with the jewellery experts at Joseph George could help! Visit us at our Melbourne CBD centre on Collins Street, or call 03 9654 4899.

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