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Why Eternity Rings Still Make the Perfect Gift

Women's Wedding and Eternity Rings

Giving the gift of rings as a symbol of your undying love isn’t a new concept. In fact, it dates back some 4000 years ago when the Ancient Egyptians carved rings from metal and bone to prove their love to each other!

Nowadays, eternity rings are commonly associated with older generations of couples, traditionally for those that have been married for anywhere from ten years all the way to 60 years. That said, many modern couples would rather not wait around to declare a lifetime of love to their partner, and some people buy eternity rings after just one year of marriage.

Here’s why eternity rings are making a comeback for those that want to keep the romance alive.

They can be used to celebrate any occasion

From an anniversary to the birth of your first child, an eternity ring is an affirmation of love and a constant reminder of the milestones you’ve been through with your partner. It’s common in families to pass eternity rings down each generation, which is why they’re almost always created from precious, long-lasting metals.

They symbolise your ever-lasting love

In a world that’s increasingly putting pressure on relationships and lowering expectations about marriages that go the distance, show your partner that the two of you are strong enough to stand the test of time.

A popular style of eternity ring has three stones that each symbolises a different era of your relationship; the past, present and future.

They’re a special “just because” gift

You married for richer or for poorer, and an eternity ring makes for a special surprise gift for your other half. Show them how much you still care and watch their face light up as they open that tiny little box! Flowers wilt, but diamonds last forever, so disregard the rule book and treat your partner to a piece of jewellery made to last a lifetime, just because you feel like it.

Don’t believe in marriage, or just haven’t got around to it yet? An eternity ring is a symbolic way to show you’re in your relationship for the long-haul.

Which type of eternity ring should you choose?

There are two main categories of eternity rings:

  1. Half gem set, where the front half of the band is covered with gems
  2. Full gem set, which forms a continuous circle of gems around the band

If the ring will be worn on the left hand, choose a style based on the existing bridal set, as it should complement and enhance your current collection. However, remember there are no rigid rules here and you can feel free to wear your new ring on the opposite hand, giving you the opportunity to try a completely new style that doesn’t need to match your wedding ring.

When it comes to gemstones, diamonds are the most popular, but we find many couples preferring coloured gemstones that hold a special significance to them. For example, a ruby marks a 15th wedding anniversary.

Browse our collection of full gem set and half gem set eternity rings online or visit our Melbourne boutique to discover a beautiful way to declare your love.

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