Eternity rings are a powerful expression of eternal love and the cycle of life. Perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or to celebrate the birth of a child.

Whatever the occasion, an eternity ring is a reminder of your loving relationship, an affirmation of your promises to each other and the perfect way to say ‘I love you’. This is why there is a continuous presence of identical stones all the way around the ring to echo your never-ending commitment.

Eternity rings in every style

Reaffirm your commitment with an eternity ring that complements any wedding and engagement ring combination. Created to complete your current set and be worn for a lifetime, it’s important to ensure your design is the right match – if that’s what you’d like.

At Joseph George Jewellery in Melbourne, you can choose from our exclusive collection of classic or custom-made eternity rings. Eternity ring styles come in a full-stone band or half-stone band if you prefer. Traditionally, diamonds are used, however it’s also common to choose other precious stones if they align with a specific anniversary, are your partner’s birth stone or favourite stone. Simply choose your stones, band style and metal in gold or platinum.

There’s no shortage of options at Joseph George Jewellery, and your ring design is only limited by your imagination. We can help you along every step of the way.

The occasion to gift an eternity ring

After engagement and marriage, it’s customary for a husband to gift his wife an eternity ring for a special anniversary or the birth of a child (usually the first).

It’s also important to remember that eternity rings aren’t just for married couples. It’s becoming more commonplace for others in committed relationships to gift a stand-alone eternity ring to their partners to symbolise special anniversaries or occasions, signifying their love and making promises to each other.

Eternity rings at a glance

  • A sentimental symbol of your eternal love
  • Designed to complement your engagement and wedding rings
  • Can be worn as a stand-alone piece
  • Gifted to your partner for a special occasion.

How to wear an eternity ring

Once you or your partner are ready to wear the eternity ring, it’s important to know what order to wear it in relation to other rings and how it’s worn by others.

In most countries, including Australia, your wedding band and engagement ring are worn on the left-hand ring finger (next to the little finger). Usually, the wedding band is put on first, followed by the engagement ring and finished off with the eternity ring. Of course, you’re not limited to wearing them in this order or finger and you may have other reasons why they can’t be worn like this. Don’t worry, there are no hard-and-fast rules to how you wear them and it will also depend on the style of each ring and how they sit with each other.

In some cases where the wedding band and engagement ring don’t match, the wedding ring is worn on the left-hand ring finger and the engagement ring is placed on the right-hand ring finger instead. Some women prefer to showcase the eternity ring on its own on the right hand, giving it pride of place, especially if it doesn’t match the engagement or wedding ring.

When choosing or designing your eternity ring, it’s helpful to keep in mind the current style of engagement and wedding ring your partner already owns – unless you want a completely stand-alone piece. This helps you to choose an eternity ring to complement the others so they can be worn together.

A modern approach to eternity ring design

It’s common for couples to be involved in the ring design process together, especially as this is a significant commitment to piece of jewellery which you’ll both treasure for a lifetime. We can help with choosing the engagement ring, wedding band and eternity ring. In many cases, we design all three in one process so that our couples can future-plan the look of their commitment band set.

The eternity ring is simply designed early on alongside the wedding band and engagement ring and given as a gift for an important milestone later. Some eternity and wedding bands are designed to act as a halo around the engagement ring, whilst others are a straight band which sits alongside or underneath the engagement ring centrepiece. In other cases, once it’s time to gift the eternity ring, we can fasten the three rings together if you prefer to slip them on together as one.

The Joseph George difference

With years of experience crafting the finest eternity rings, Joseph George Jewellery creates classic, contemporary and bespoke rings to suit your style.

Designed with love, precision and carefully crafted through our design process, our eternity rings bring your personal designs to life so you and your partner can cherish your rings for a lifetime.

At Joseph George Jewellery in the Melbourne CBD, we have created a superb range of diamond eternity rings featuring special combinations of jewels, set in your choice of 18k gold or platinum.
We’ll help you choose the perfect metal, precious stone and ring style for your eternity ring – ensuring the ring is as beautiful as your relationship.

Start the journey towards your eternity ring today

Visit our Melbourne showroom to see our range of individually designed eternity rings. All of our rings are hand-crafted to stand the test of time and can be customised to suit your current jewellery.
We’re passionate about ensuring you’re completely happy with your design and that we create an eternity ring that you and partner will feel is a true symbol of your love.

If you’re looking to add an eternity ring to add to your collection, it’s time to start your journey with us today. Choose from the exclusive range available in our showroom, or talk to us about designing your very own bespoke ring that’s as unique as your love.

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