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Men’s wedding ring guide

You most likely spent hours (or months!) of research into finding the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée but have barely even put any thought into your own wedding band. At Joseph George, we think women shouldn’t have all the fun: it’s time for you to go ring shopping… for yourself.

While it may be the only piece of jewellery you’ll wear, you want to ensure your wedding band is comfortable and suited to your personal style (after all, you’ll probably only take it off in the shower or when you’re at the gym.) But where do you start, when you’ve never given it a second thought? How do you choose between gold or titanium, curved or flat edges – and what about size? 

We see this all too often, and we understand your concern, which is why we’ve created this short guide.

Choosing the perfect wedding band for men

We know wedding ring hunting can be overwhelming and nerve-racking – for you just as much as your future spouse. Here are six things to consider when it comes to men’s wedding ring guide:

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Width: The finish refers to the band’s circumference. Do you prefer a thick style to a slimmer band? It’s a good idea to try on different widths to see which one you prefer on your finger and how it looks on your hand overall.

Fit: While some rings can be resized, this can sometimes affect the original beauty of the band. If you don’t know your ring size, get your finger accurately measured by a professional jeweller. They will be able to tell you how the ideal ring should sit: snugly, but not so tight as to leave a mark when removed; and it should slide easily over your knuckles so it won’t get stuck.

Metal: Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium – these are the traditional metals that have been used in many wedding bands. Visit us in our Collins Street store, where you can see how each metal looks up close before deciding.

Finish: Next, you’ll need to consider how your ring looks. The most traditional choice is a metal with a high polish, which gives off a reflective finish.  The more modern option is a matte finish, which delivers an understated feel. Of course, you can opt for both in your band, which makes for a unique style.

The little details: For a truly personalised band, you can engrave the inside of your metal with your wedding date, your future spouse’s name, or any symbol that defines your relationship. Alternatively, you can make it unique by adding some stones or a trail of platinum. 

Ultimately, your wedding band should be the perfect blend of your personal preference as well as complement your partner’s wedding ring. Above all, it should suit your budget and lifestyle. 

Happy wedding band shopping!

Need help deciding on your perfect wedding band? Just contact your specialist jewellers at Joseph George on (03) 9654 4899 or contact us online. We’ll be thrilled to guide you through the process in selecting or creating your ideal wedding ring.

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