Amyntas – Pave

From: $6,600.00

Amyntas is the perfect choice for a unique and exquisite pave diamond Celtic wedding ring. Handcrafted with precision, this custom-made masterpiece features captivating Celtic centre lines and stunning pave diamond sidelines.

18k  gold:From $6,600
PlatinumFrom $7,300
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Amyntas – Pave


With a width ranging from 6mm to 10mm and a thickness of 2mm, Amyntas is available in various luxurious materials, including platinum, 18k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The 2-tone design adds an extra elegance, making it a remarkable symbol of everlasting love.

What sets Amyntas apart is its bespoke nature. Each ring is carefully tailored to your preferences, ensuring a unique piece that reflects your style. A complementary engraving can be added as a finishing touch, making it even more special and meaningful.

If you’re searching for a pave diamond Celtic wedding ring that exudes beauty, sophistication, and individuality, look no further than Amyntas. Elevate your love story with this exceptional piece that is bound to be cherished for a lifetime.

Design Name:Amyntas
Metal Type:18k Gold or Platinum
Finger Sizes:N-17.5mm to Z-22.0mm
Width:6.0mm to 10.0mm
Thickness:2.2mm to 2.5mm
Stones:100 Round Brilliant
Colour:F to G
Weight side stones:1.00ct aprox.

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Joseph George Jewellery

Metal Type

18k White Gold, 950 Platinum

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With more than 40 years of experience in the art form that is jewellery design, comes a range of special, custom-made collections from Joseph George himself. Precious and bespoke, each piece of intricate hand made jewellery brings something unique and special to you. As custom gold ring makers, our promise is to create intricately designed pieces that are as sentimental as they are beautiful.

As handmade jewellery and custom gold ring makers, our diamond engagement rings offers exceptional levels of design and quality, carefully crafted in order to last. Through our free cleaning and polishing service, we’ll help you provide the right level of love and care to your jewellery, ensuring that it will last the distance.

Diamond eternity and wedding ring set - Galene in Platinum

At Joseph George, we create and deliver pieces as individual and unique as you are. Whether you’re looking for mens jewellery or women’s gold jewellery in Melbourne, we can create everything you’ve dreamt of, and more. Every stunning and quality piece is made especially for you, and can’t be bought anywhere else.

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