Engagement Rings

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Custom engagement rings: Designed by collaboration

Without a doubt, there are no pieces of jewellery as important as engagement rings. These are the pieces that draw the eye, start conversations and most importantly of all – kick off marriages. Yes, there’s something undeniably special about an engagement ring, and it needs to reflect this with design and construction that showcase the personality and relationship of its wearer.

From the most ornate examples through to much simpler bands with a single, high quality diamond, there are so many different ways that you can make an engagement ring uniquely yours, and Joseph George Jewellery is here to help.

Custom engagement rings

The chances of finding your dream ring on the shelf are slim, but that doesn’t necessitate any compromises. A custom-designed engagement ring means that you’ll be able to talk directly with your jeweller to ensure that every single part of the piece fits your exact specifications. And besides, why would you want a ring that has been mass-produced by a machine anyway?

With more than 40 years of experience, Joseph George will work directly with you to make sure that the finished ring suits you or your significant other perfectly. You’ll be able to have a direct say in everything from the precious stone through to the type of metal used. Regardless of whether you’ve always imagined yourself with classic yellow gold ring or something a little more durable modern looking like platinum, your ring can be customised to suit.

Of course, the engagement ring is only half of the equation when it comes to marriage, with a saparate wedding ring given at the ceremony itself. Making sure that these two pieces complement each other as a pair is crucial – especially if you’re going for custom options – so be sure to talk to Joseph about how two custom pieces can work together.

Designed by you

We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to creating great custom jewellery. Nobody else can tell you what your perfect engagement ring will look like, which is why we like to work so closely with couples during the design process, and then bring their dreams to life with our expertise and experience.

To get started on the design process today, have a look through our existing designs or get in touch directly to tell us all about your ideal engagement ring.