Choose from our wide range of white gold engagement rings, handmade to perfection. Based in Melbourne City, Joseph George specialises in custom made fine rings.

White gold is synonymous with friendship, which is an often-over-looked quality in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If rose or yellow gold is not your style, and you think platinum is out of your price range, have you ever thought of proposing with a white gold engagement ring?

At Joseph George Jewellery, we specialise in creating custom-made jewellery, including lovingly prepared white gold diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, from our showroom in the heart of Melbourne.

View white gold rings of unique designs, styles, bands and settings. Colourful gemstones or colourless diamonds are both excellent fittings for an engagement ring.

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing a custom-made engagement ring for the one you love.


Bespoke White Gold Engagement Rings

We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and stunning engagement rings tailored to your design requirements. Visit our Melbourne showroom, or browse our website to see where and how the magic happens.

You can relax in knowing that the Joseph George engagement ring you choose is of the highest class and made with quality craftsmanship. What better way to propose to ‘the one’ than with a custom-made stunning engagement ring?

What is white gold?

18Kand 9K white gold is a metal mixed with silver-coloured alloys like palladium and nickel, to give it that gorgeous, paler colour. Lastly, plating the ring in rhodium gives the metal a white gold finish. Gold is a very soft, precious metal that requires alloys mixed with it to make it durable for jewellery. Natural white gold simply does not exist.

Rhodium plating

As time goes by, the rhodium plating on white gold will wear down. This means that every few years, you’ll need to get your ring re-dipped in rhodium at an additional charge. A rhodium coating adds further durability and a luxurious white surface sheen. The good news is your ring will come back looking as beautiful as it was the day you said yes.

Why choose white gold for your engagement ring?

White gold is a gorgeous metal choice for an engagement ring because of its cool, contemporary charm. The material is cheaper than platinum too. This is an added bonus for the modern couple who would prefer a holiday over an expensive ring.

A white gold engagement ring is both modern, yet timeless. A perfect metal and a band to highlight dazzling diamond stones. Similar to the Heart of the Ocean necklace, you can replicate the look in a Joseph George white gold diamond ring featuring a blue sapphire centre stone.

Check out our nod to James Cameron’s Titanic in our Xanthe – Blue Sapphire ring.

White gold rings at a glance

  • An expensive platinum appearance for a fraction of the price
  • Won’t scratch or dent easily – perfect for the active partner!
  • A Joseph George white gold ring will never tarnish
  • Will match any outfit
  • An unassuming match for all colour preferences

A sneak peek into our white gold collection

For the lover who desires a cool, silver look, you’ve chosen the metal, but what about the shape, design and possible gemstone?

Agnes in white gold is a classic, six claw solitaire engagement ring set with a round brilliant cut diamond. This 18K white gold can be set with a diamond size, colour and clarity of your personal choice. We recommend this beautiful white gold band be paired with a Cognac, Champagne or Yellow Argyle diamond.

Are you wanting to capture the heart of your unique and vintage sweetheart? Aglaia is our stunning and elaborate multi-diamond engagement ring that features three round brilliant cut diamonds between two diamond set peaks. Exclusive to Joseph George, our Aglaia is sure to astound your beloved and anyone who sees it.

If your soon-to-be fiancé enjoys colour, have you considered incorporating their birthstone? Check the birthstone of your sweetheart here.

The Joseph George difference

At Joseph George Jewellery, we understand it’s hard to find an engagement ring that tells a story of love, friendship and a promise of commitment – there’s just so much to tell. That’s why we provide seamless service and work with you to create an engagement ring that will make that life-changing question, that little bit easier.

Bring your designs to life with us and we‘ll guarantee a lovingly made engagement ring that will be cherished for years to come.

The importance of GIA

GIA is used to describe diamonds that have been graded by the GIA. The GIA is an independent organisation that conducts gem research, educates gem professionals and sets standards for determining gem quality. Relax in knowing that the Joseph George ring you choose has met international standards and you’re protected as a buyer in gemstone (including diamond) quality.

A ring as unique as your love

We want to help you with your journey, because we love, love! Tell us what you want from a white gold engagement ring, and we’ll use your creativity to craft sheer beauty.

Friendship is a significant quality in romantic relationships and marriage. You can encapsulate that friendship and love into one engagement ring. To be friends with your lover can be the making point in your relationship.

A stunning piece of jewellery that’s inspired by your visions and completed with our specialised skills is the driving point behind our creations. All Joseph George white gold engagement rings are handmade and bespoke, guaranteeing yours will be as unique as your love.

Start the journey towards your white gold engagement ring today

Before you ask the love of your life to marry you, ask yourself if you need help to encapsulate your devotion, friendship and love into one ring. When you’re ready to propose, look no further than Joseph George Jewellery, the experts in fine jewellery, to create a stunning engagement ring bespoke to your relationship’s requirements.

Contact us or visit our showroom today to see how we can help you start your journey toward the rest of your lives together with the perfect engagement ring.

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