Joseph George offers a wide selection of elegant and creative rose gold engagement rings at the best price in Melbourne, Australia. Our custom-made rose gold rings can be custom made to perfection, with or without diamonds.

Rose gold is synonymous with love, making it the perfect choice for your engagement ring.

At Joseph George Jewellery, we specialise in creating beautiful custom-made jewellery from our workshop and showroom in the heart of Melbourne.

Stunning Rose Gold Rings

We pride ourselves on producing bespoke and stunning gold rings tailored to your design requirements. Visit our Melbourne showroom, or browse our website to see where and how the magic happens.

You can relax in knowing that the Joseph George engagement ring you choose is of the highest class and made with quality craftsmanship. So, what better way to propose to ‘the one’ than with a custom-made ring?

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a gorgeous pink coloured metal – an alternative to the classic white gold or yellow gold. This, chosen with or without diamonds is sure to impress your love and those gushing over it.

The meaning behind the metals:

  • White gold represents friendship
  • Yellow gold represents fidelity
  • Rose gold represents love

What exactly does a rose gold entail?

Rose gold encompasses all red, rose and pink gold shades. The colour is altered by the other metals the pure gold is alloyed with – copper, silver and zinc. The more copper alloy in the metal, the deeper rosy tones you will see in your ring.

A 21st century favourite, the pink coloured metal is great for those who want to combine both modern and timeless beauty in their promises of love and commitment.

Have you considered matching your Joseph George gold engagement rings and wedding bands for a stunning rose gold pairing? The ultimate choice of metals is yours.

Why choose rose gold for your engagement ring?

Rose gold has become the new trend in engagement rings and should be a definite contender when it comes to choosing your engagement ring.

Whether your love is involved in the decision making or not, thinking about what’s currently on trend or a great alternative to the classic styles is essential – A rose gold engagement ring is both!

Stand out with customised elegance – you’ll find simply stunning designs at Joseph George Jewellery.


Rose gold rings at a glance

  • A contemporary alternative to traditional rings, yet still timeless in elegance
  • Complements all skin tones
  • A Joseph George rose gold will never tarnish
  • They’re durable and won’t fade over time
  • Rose gold represents love
  • For the one who stands out from the crowd, rose is a gorgeous modern alternative to classic yellow and white gold rings.
  • Our custom-made engagement rings are guaranteed to impress. Choose to include diamonds, or no diamonds, one stone or multi stone – we’ll work with you and your imagination.

A sneak peak into our rose gold collection

Our Evadne in rose gold is a 3-stone ring featuring a round Ceylon sapphire. There’s the option of including a diamond or coloured gem like an Emerald, Aquamarine or Ruby.

If your soon-to-be fiancé enjoys colour, have you considered incorporating their birthstone? Click here to check the birthstone of your sweetheart.

For the classic lovers, Alexia in rose gold is perfect for you as an 18k solitaire diamond setting.

More into contemporary style? Alana in rose gold is perfect for those with an eye for design. The use of different coloured metals makes for a bold and intriguing design. Naturally, the ring can be customised based on taste, but in its default design, it’s a gorgeous mixture of 18k white and rose gold.

The Joseph George difference

Ask the one you love to marry you with a ring that matches their personality and encapsulates your relationship. From stand-out to simple and elegant diamond ring made with your choice of precious metals – the only thing stopping your engagement ring expectations is the limit of your imagination.

Did you know that you can meet Joseph George, the Melbourne designer and jeweller behind it all?

We’re transparent in offering a one-on-one, personalised service throughout your journey. We understand that each love is individually unique, as is the style of engagement ring that will showcase your love.

Made to last, your engagement and wedding ring will be cherished for years to come.

Did you know that all centre loose diamonds of Joseph George engagement rings are GIA certified to ensure fairness and authenticity?

The importance of GIA

GIA is used to describe diamonds that have been graded by the GIA. The GIA is an independent organisation that conducts gem research, educates gem professionals and sets standards for determining gem quality. Relax in knowing that the Joseph George ring you choose has met international standards and you’re protected as a buyer in gemstone (including diamond) quality.

A ring as unique as your love

We want to help you with your journey, because we love, love! Tell us what you want from a ring, and we’ll use your creativity to craft sheer beauty.

A stunning piece of jewellery that’s inspired by your visions and completed with our specialised skills is the driving point behind our creations. All Joseph George engagement rings are handmade and bespoke. We can create an engagement ring as unique as your love.

Start the journey towards your rose gold engagement ring today

Nothing says I love you more than wanting to spend the rest of your lives together. When you’ve found ‘the one,’ you should propose with a ring that speaks to who they are and represents your unique love.

Why not choose a rose gold engagement ring from Joseph George Jewellery? Choosing the right metal, loose stone, style and cut doesn’t have to be hard with expert jewellers here to help you find the perfect fit.

Your love is unique, as is a custom-made engagement ring from Joseph George. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us or visit our showroom today to see how we can help you start your journey toward the rest of your lives together with the perfect engagement ring.

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